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Doncaster Mediatheque

Our final project brief was to create a centre that celebrates digital media in the heart of Doncaster. The design development was heavily linked with urban design and generating something that sat comfortably within its town centre context.

The designated site was a real challenge to work with although it was vast in size. My initial concept was to maximise the use of space and its many corners and angles by encouraging people to travel through a series of sequential spaces. Much like a how a book draws its reader in; I based the concept of the building(s) having a "beginning, middle and end", which incidentally became the sequential spaces.

Using a hierarchy of activities a gradual discovery of new activities can be found as people progress into the centre with the idea to display as much as possible. This was also incorporated with the building design by exposing structural elements and bare materials to really emphasize the mediatheque was all about "showcase". The use of glass to provide maximum transparency into the different zones help not only to display what is going on around you but also gives an alive and buzzing atmosphere.

Cusworth Glasshouse Academy

The site is a disused bowling green within the grounds of Cusworth Hall in Doncaster. We were asked to design public gardens open to the public and an attached horticultural training facility.

The layout was designed to provide a choice of journeys but all with similar outcomes; to offer surprise. Almost all angles offer cascading vistas through the site, with the ability to progress and find another.

To reduce the overall scale and massing of the structures, there were driven into the ground to minimise any vertical intrusion and provide an unexpected courtyard at the lower level.

Although the courtyard was at a lower level, sunken plant beds were used to provide the feeling that you are elevated above the ground. These areas of hard landscaping provide an excellent vantage point of the external planting.


Bakewell Health Centre

A site currently used as a car park has been ear marked for development and the reaching out of the existing high street. Our brief was to design a health care centre with consultant rooms and admin facilities that utilise its location in this quiet Derbyshire town.

The layout was developed to allow logical passage through from public space to private space as privacy is a very key issue when it comes to healthcare

As the site is located in a conservation area, the scheme has been sympathetic to its surrounds by its choice of materials and visual impact.

YSP Art Workshop


The brief based at Yorkshire Sculpture park (YSP) was to create a art workshop along with accommodation suites to allow for groups and individuals extended stay. The building is separated into three zones; accommodation, public and workshop.

The massing reflects the sensitive green surrounds with any increases in mass disguised within the organic flow of the roof structure. The layout of the zones allow for integration and interaction between the visiting public and the artists within the centrally located communal hub

Although the elevation may seem to stretch across a large distance the way the building is hunkered down and blended into the landscape with the roof structure help to minimise visual impact. Sections of glass are used not only to provide transparency and views but reflects the beautiful natural surroundings again helping to camouflage its presence.

Overtime, plants will be encouraged to grow up the walls and attach to the roof providing a truly organic skin to the already organic structure.

SHU Pavilion

This was a relatively short prject that explored the idea of creating an easily collapsable and reusable pavilion .

The use of reclaimed telegraph poles and gental curves softens the appearance of the instalation whilst providing a solid structure.                       Nicholas C Clifton Bsc (Hons) Dip Arch riba chartered architect                      07957395722